Strategic Growth Alliances

What are you going to experience?


Explore what ‘strategic alliance’ means, and experiences of being in a great strategic alliance;


Experience and consider the purpose and motives for developing strategic alliances;


Learn and challenge one another through the alliance selection process;


Consider how to deliver successful outcomes for your strategic alliances;


Develop an action plan for improvement. Leave committed to Make a Difference!

What you should complete before.


Strategic Alliances Audit:
Using this tool, audit your “Today”. Review the strategic alliances and partnerships you have in place now, assess how well they are helping you achieve your goals, and whether you are investing appropriately in those relationships.

Then outline the implications of your audit - where are the key gaps and missed opportunities.


Content Video:
This 12-minute video will help you understand what is a strategic alliance, when it make sense to partner and not to partner; you’ll learn when partnerships fail and how to increase your chances of success.


Strategic Alliances Worksheet:
Use this worksheet to identify potential partnerships to drive your next growth episode. Brainstorm different types of partnerships by category, or potential organizations that you may want to explore in each of those categories; and what potential barriers you may face.

Achieving Scale Through Strategic Alliances with 321 Growth Academy
1pm MST

Leveraging partnerships and alliances to accelerate and amplify growth!

This event is for everyone!

C1 Growth Catalyst | SGT Lead Watering Hole | Channel
12pm MST

A gathering for us to share our WINS, our areas for improvements and thoughts on how the last module went! 

This event is for SGT Leads!