Flexing Your Operating Model: Scenario Planning for a Post-Pandemic Future


Lance Mortlock

Flexing Your Operating Model

Lance Mortlock is a senior strategy partner with Ernst & Young, and the author of “Disaster Proof, Scenario Planning for a Post-Pandemic Future”. Bringing a broad set of strategic skills and experiences, Lance helps clients solve some of their most complex strategic problems. Lance has delivered management consulting services over 20 years to more than 60 organizations in 11 countries overseeing hundreds of strategic growth and innovation projects. Areas of support and experience include corporate and business unit strategy and planning, strategy execution, market opportunity assessment, merger and transaction integration and carve-outs ($60 Billion in deals completed), cost management, transformation, innovation, business management systems, process improvement, enterprise risk management, organization performance, design & effectiveness, and change management. Lance is an expert in business, industry trends, and market dynamics in Canada, with several publications to his name, regularly featuring on BNN and other news outlets.

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