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Gabriela Touma

Gabriela Touma


Reader. Traveler. Working on empowering women to reach their potential. Collaborating on creating a strong innovation ecosystem in LatAm.

Passionate about turning ideas into sustainable businesses and finding new and more innovative ways of working and collaborating. Gaby enjoys working and devising new strategic operating models, prioritizing efficiency and customer obsession. Her goal is to continue to evolve and grow in all avenues of business and leadership through experience and exposure. She thrives when she surrounds herself with people and organizations that stand out as leaders in their field and enhance their communities. It is her passion to innovate and develop new ways of working that capitalize on all the technological advancements, to allow teams and people to bring value where they excel.

Fun Fact: She can make anything out of a cardboard box! (Castle, Car, you name it!)


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