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Gabriela Touma

Gabriela Touma


Reader. Traveler. Working on empowering women to reach their potential. Collaborating on creating a strong innovation ecosystem in LatAm.

I love discovering the complexity of business leaders' needs and figuring out how to address those needs through the programs that I've worked on. I've conducted over 200 customer interviews with business leaders and collaborated with multidisciplinary teams to create programs from scratch.
I'm always excited to combine experimentation, innovation, human psychology and feedback (data) to curate programs that not only meets but exceeds customer's expectations. It thrills me to collaborate with creative, driven, ambitious, open-minded individuals who think and act differently.
You usually find me being the voice of the customer and driving innovation through an agile and digital mindset. With a knack for identifying ways to integrate technology to fundamentally reimagine business models, I am constantly seeking new ways to elevate companies and drive transformation.

Fun Fact: She can make anything out of a cardboard box! (Castle, Car, you name it!)


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