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Find answers to common questions about the role and the application process.
What is the advisor role?

Advisors in the Growth Navigator Network play a pivotal role in guiding companies through their strategic growth journeys. They provide insights, mentorship, and hands-on support in various areas such as leadership, business development, market strategies, and more. Advisors help businesses navigate challenges, identify opportunities, and implement effective growth strategies.

What are the requirements?

Throughout the Growth Catalyst program, we recognize the importance of having diverse types of advisors to support companies as they go through their growth journey. Advisors are selected based on their expertise, real-world scaling experience, and a coaching orientation. Here are the main types of advisors we look for:

  • Ignite! Advisors: Extensive business acumen and long-term strategic perspective, with experience in multiple business activities and fiscal responsibility.
  • Lab Advisors: Subject matter experts specializing in one of the 7 Scaling Strategies™. They are experienced in the tools, concepts, and frameworks used in the program.
  • Launch! Advisors (Experts on Demand): Keen to support companies in the execution of their Growth Strategy, with a focus on implementing and executing specific projects and initiatives post-program.
How do you approach selecting advisors?

We select advisors based on the following criteria:

  • Subject Matter Expertise: Proficiency in one or more business functions.
  • Scaling Experience: Hands-on involvement in scaling companies and contributing insights from similar growth journeys.
  • Advisory and Coaching Skills: Experience in advisory roles, active listening, and a questioning approach to support.
  • Networking: Willingness to connect Growth Catalyst companies with new opportunities and individuals.
  • Fit for Growth Catalyst Companies: Ensuring alignment with the program’s values and goals.
Is there compensation?

Yes, advisors receive compensation for their contributions to the program and its companies.

How long is the commitment?

Commitments are transparent and align seamlessly with your existing professional engagements. Invitations to participate are on a case-by-case basis, allowing you the choice to accept engagements.

What is the mechanism to work directly with clients after post-program delivery?

Advisors can continue working with clients through the Experts on Demand program, which allows for ongoing contractual relationships, leveraging the trust and credibility established during the Growth Catalyst program.

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