Chantel Elliott

321 Growth Academy
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Chantel Elliott is a seasoned marketing leader with over 25 years of experience helping entrepreneurs and leaders bring their world-changing ideas to life. As a Partner at 321 Growth Academy, she excels in scaling up businesses and driving impactful professional growth through her expertise in marketing, brand building, and leadership coaching.

Accelerating Business Growth

Chantel is uniquely qualified to help companies scale up and grow. Her journey through entrepreneurship, including co-owning Material Insight, a leading technology marketing agency, has equipped her with the skills to build standout brands and products. She has worked at both the enterprise level with Procter & Gamble and with smaller companies like Intuit Canada, Kryos, Karo Group, and Venture Communications.
Chantel’s expertise lies in her ability to identify connections and opportunities that others often overlook. As a certified leadership coach, she challenges business leaders to think differently and envision the future of their business, fostering significant professional impacts.
Chantel offers tailored solutions in marketing and sales strategy, brand positioning, product launch planning, digital marketing, and leadership coaching. Her approach ensures that companies can effectively scale, grow, and make a lasting impact in their industries

Areas of Expertise

Chantel offers a wide range of expertise across key areas of marketing and business development, providing invaluable insights and strategies for growth.
Consumer Goods
Marketing Agencies
Marketing and Sales Strategy
Chantel helps businesses develop comprehensive marketing and sales strategies that drive growth and market penetration.
Brand Positioning and Messaging
With her experience in brand building, Chantel assists companies in creating compelling brand positions and messages that resonate with their target audiences.
Leadership Coaching and Mentorship
As a certified leadership coach, Chantel provides mentorship that fosters leadership development and strategic thinking, helping business leaders achieve their full potential.
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