Desirée Bombenon

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Desirée Bombenon is an innovator, futurist, and purpose-driven leader with over 30 years of business operational experience and strategic leadership. Her expertise spans business strategy, social enterprise, and culture building. Desirée's recent accolades include the Gold Stevie International Business Award, Waterstone Capitals Most Admired Corporate Cultures, Clutch International's Best B2B Communications company, and recognition as one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women.

Transforming Business into a Force for Good

Desirée specializes in helping businesses pivot towards social enterprise, building purpose-driven cultures that align with sustainable development goals. She has successfully led SureCall to become a Certified B Corp, recognized as a ‘Best For the World’ honouree multiple times.
With a rich background in leadership, marketing, entrepreneurship, and business strategy, Desirée brings a wealth of knowledge to her advisory roles. She excels in creating strategic frameworks that foster innovation and sustainability within organizations.
Desirée provides tailored solutions that drive strategic growth, enhance operational efficiency, and promote a culture of purpose and sustainability. She guides businesses in aligning their strategies with broader social and environmental goals, ensuring long-term impact and success.

Areas of Expertise

Desirée's diverse expertise covers several critical areas essential for business growth and transformation. She offers valuable insights and guidance to businesses across various industries, helping them navigate complex challenges and achieve their strategic objectives.
Desirée's leadership expertise helps organizations cultivate high-performing teams and foster a culture of innovation and excellence.
With a strong background in marketing, Desirée advises on developing effective marketing strategies that drive brand growth and customer engagement.
Business Strategy
Desirée excels in formulating comprehensive business strategies that align with organizational goals and market opportunities, ensuring sustainable growth.
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