Nish Sampath

Switch Advisory Group
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Nish Sampath is a distinguished Technology Executive with extensive experience across Consulting, Healthcare, Insurance, Supply Chain Management, and the Cannabis industry. Known for his strategic acumen and innovative mindset, Nish has consistently driven transformation and operational excellence in various sectors.

Driving Operational Excellence Through Innovation

Nish specializes in transforming companies through innovative strategies and operational excellence. As the former VP of Product at Green Shield Canada, he revolutionized Product Portfolio Management practices and led the Enterprise Analytics Team, holding full P&L responsibility for client-centric data analytics products.
Nish's extensive experience includes pioneering ecosystem-driven solutions in healthcare, employee wellness, and the energy sector during his tenure at Deloitte. His role as Senior Manager of National Ecosystems & Alliances exemplifies his ability to push the boundaries of traditional business models.
Nish provides tailored solutions that emphasize go-to-market strategies, financial management, and product innovation. His leadership as Division President at MTBC Corp. saw the launch of groundbreaking SaaS applications, showcasing his adaptability and commitment to driving success in dynamic environments.

Areas of Expertise

Nish's diverse expertise spans several critical areas essential for business growth and transformation. He offers valuable insights and guidance to businesses across various industries, helping them navigate complex challenges and achieve their strategic objectives.
Supply Chain Management
Healthcare Information Technology
Nish's expertise in healthcare IT helps organizations integrate and manage health information systems efficiently.
Program and Project Management
With a strong background in program and project management, Nish advises on structuring and executing complex projects to ensure timely and successful delivery.
Nish excels in integrating diverse business processes and systems, ensuring seamless operations and improved efficiency.
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