Paul Hookham

Chief Financial Officer | SIMS
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Paul Hookham catalyzes innovation ecosystems with over 20 years of experience as a CFO and co-founder of several companies. He has a proven track record in global governance, risk, compliance software, and the automotive industry, with successful exits to major firms. His extensive experience in corporate finance includes global M&A and raising capital in international debt and equity markets.

Driving Corporate Finance and Strategic Growth

Paul specializes in leveraging corporate finance to drive strategic growth. His extensive experience includes co-founding a global governance/risk/compliance software company, which he successfully exited to a Silicon Valley private equity firm, and a national automotive industry franchise organization, which was acquired by a multi-billion dollar global conglomerate. Paul's recent venture involved organizing a private equity special purpose vehicle to acquire the industrial division of Serious Labs Inc., now operating as SIMS, where he serves as a shareholder, director, and CFO.
Paul offers deep knowledge in corporate finance, risk management, and financial law, with a strong focus on SaaS and growth-stage technology companies. His experience spans global M&A, capital raising, and strategic financial planning.
Paul’s strategic guidance helps businesses navigate complex financial landscapes, ensuring robust financial structuring and effective risk management to support sustainable growth and successful market expansion.

Areas of Expertise

Paul’s extensive background in corporate finance and strategic planning positions him as a valuable asset for companies seeking to scale and innovate.
Business Analysis and Strategy
Paul excels in business analysis and strategic planning, providing actionable insights and strategies to drive high-impact growth.
Corporate Finance and Financial Structuring
With a wealth of experience in corporate finance, Paul supports companies in structuring their finances for growth, managing risk, and raising capital in international markets.
Mergers and Acquisitions
Paul's expertise in M&A enables companies to navigate complex transactions, ensuring successful mergers and acquisitions that align with strategic goals.
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