Sarah Morrill

321 Growth Academy
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Sarah Morrill is a dynamic leader with over 20 years of experience working with big brands, early-stage startups, and tech ecosystem organizations. She excels in guiding teams from strategy development to execution, leveraging her extensive background in product marketing, brand building, and business development.

Driving Sales and Marketing Success

Sarah excels in helping entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of business growth. From her beginnings in advertising agencies to her strategic roles with big brands like WestJet, she has honed her skills in product marketing, brand building, business development, and sales.
Sarah's transition to tech startups was a pivotal moment in her career. In these fast-paced environments, she has leveraged her strengths in strategy and execution to drive success. As a Partner at 321 Growth Academy, she leads sales and marketing programming, helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals and make a positive impact.
Sarah provides comprehensive solutions that encompass sales strategy, marketing communications, and brand building. Her experience spans diverse industries, allowing her to offer tailored advice and actionable strategies that drive growth and innovation.

Areas of Expertise

Sarah offers a comprehensive range of expertise across critical areas of business development and marketing. Her deep understanding of the industry allows her to provide valuable insights and actionable strategies to drive growth.
Sales Strategy
Sarah helps businesses develop and refine their sales strategies, ensuring effective market penetration and revenue growth.
Marketing Communications
With a strong background in marketing communications, Sarah advises on crafting messages that resonate with target audiences and drive engagement.
Brand Building
Sarah’s expertise in brand building helps companies establish a strong market presence and foster long-term customer loyalty.
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