"Spark a strategic growth plan to catalyze your next growth episode."

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The Journey

The Growth Catalyst program is built from proven methodologies and approaches that result in impactful growth strategies. Value is achieved by educating and coaching a cross-functional company team using practical tools in an accelerated and disciplined way.

Through reviews of global evidence2, roundtables, and interviews with SME leaders, we identified 7 Scaling Strategies™, as different strategic orientations that business leaders & owners use to scale-up, as showcased in the journey map.

Leading to Scale: The Design, Delivery and Impact of SME Leadership Development Programs REPORT

Who It's For

Are you ready to reinvigorate your company's spark, in an open & diverse learning environment, to help you create & begin to execute your next Strategic Growth Plan (SGP) & SCALE UP your business?

For experienced entrepreneurs, business owners & their direct leadership teams who:

☑️ Are high potential individuals, eager to further develop strategic thinking and leadership for growth

☑️ Are willing to put in the time, dedication, and work required to complete the program

☑️ Are committed to deploying organizational resources towards achieving growth

For experienced entrepreneurs, business owners & their direct leadership teams who are operating successful companies that:

☑️ Have succeeded through the initial startup phase and have launched or gained traction with a product or service

☑️ Generate $2M-$200M+ in revenue, annually (companies that are under $2M but have a compelling story about their ambitions and ability to leverage this program are still encouraged to apply)

Past Cohort Profiles

We love working with all companies but here are a few specific profiles who have made up the majority of our past cohorts:

Generational Companies

Diving into Leadership Transition & Development who:
• Might be a family owned and operated business looking to de-risk inter-generational transition in governance and ensure operational leadership success.

• Might be looking to strengthen and then transition decision-making beyond the founding team into the organization
Tech Disruptors

Who are breaking barriers in the digital industry and:
• Have already succeeded through the startup and early scale-up phases of commercialization.

• Technology forward firms or firms that leverage technology to provide amazing services considering new or adjacent markets.

• Might need to cross a few more milestones before obtaining their first institutional raise of venture investment, yet are on a VC’s watch list.
Companies who have been there, done it before

And are looking to map out their next big play

• Have growth goals that might include acquisition(s) and need an investable growth playbook to back stop the investment thesis.  

• Have hit a “growth or revenue ceiling” and want to catalyze their next growth episode.

What You Will Experience


Learn and deploy growth methodologies from experts


Reimagine your organization’s purpose, mission & vision


Exposure to 1-on-1 coaching from industry experts


Gain key findings from business professionals (instructors and executive coaches) who bring diversity of thought


Establish a peer-group of ambitious leaders from adjacent industries

Your Commitment is Required


Explore your strategy during an intensive, 7 month program


7 x Strategic Growth Team coaching sessions


Access to Scaling CXOs and mentors who have “been there and done it”


Receive student growth strategy and execution support