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Yellow Dog Trucking

A dog is a loyal companion, and– the bond between a dog and its family is truly special. This bond serves as important inspiration for how we want to treat our customers and is the origin of our name. We ARE that loyal companion. This isn’t just a job for us, we are by your side, day in day out, to ensure your valuable cargo gets where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. Our expertise in the logistics industry is unparalleled, as is our commitment to safety and compliance.   But you also need a partner who cares. One who sweats the small stuff to ensure you don’t have to. Just ask our customers about what they have to say about our commitment to customer satisfaction. Like a loyal dog, we are by your side and ready to help – today and everyday.

Towne & Countree Kitchens

Towne & Countree Kitchens has been designing and supplying custom cabinetry in Edmonton and the surrounding area since 1978. We are a small business that focuses on quality and client experience. Our goal is to create beautiful, functional spaces that make you fall in love with your home.

Tile and Stone Source

Tile and Stone Source is a progressive and forward-thinking tile retailer and distributor, excited about innovating the building materials and construction industry. We service thousands of homeowners, contractors and retailers every year with their tile and flooring needs, distributing a wide variety of quality tiles, stones and mosaics at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on having extensive product knowledge and doing right by our customers by helping them make the most informed decision about the tile they’re purchasing.

Tangent Design Engineering

Tangent is a mathematical term and loosely used as a change of direction. Tangent sees a change of direction as the foundation for engineering success in product design. Business as usual does not always get it done. Whether you are a small company without a full engineering team, or a large enterprise with an internal innovation team, Tangent's approach to engineering success starts with collecting all the required inputs... What are we doing, who is it for, why are we doing it? We then apply our product development process (How are we going to do it) to systematically focus on delivering a new product by systematically eliminating risks and breaking down the technical challenges.

Startec Refrigeration Services Ltd

Founded in 1976, Startec's unwavering commitment to solving client problems has driven our growth to become a leader in the engineering, design and manufacturing of compression, processing and refrigeration systems across North America and around the world.

Picture Perfect Cleaning

Picture Perfect Cleaning is so much more than a cleaning company. PPC was conceived to share our true values: people, planet, and community. We demonstrate these values in every aspect of our business, and have since our beginning in 2010. Picture Perfect Cleaning’s mission is to provide a world class, healthy and safe, “wow,” commercial cleaning experience to the valued businesses we serve, as well as, to our well selected custodians and management team.

Paradis Valley Honey

Paradis Valley Honey is dedicated to providing Canadian’s with the best quality Grade A raw honey and pollen. They are also passionate about continuing the traditional, sustainable methods used to make their products. Those methods have been used for seven generations.

One Guy Garage

We began our journey because of an old truck our founder had been given by his father. The old C10 chevy needed a lot of work and a TON of parts, with this build the experience of visiting the local parts store always left a desire to have a better experience. The desire for better service, better prices, and better selection drove us to dream about what could be. The idea for One Guy Garage started here.

Jenik Services

Jenik Services arranges shipments for personal and corporate deliveries from Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Regina, Saskatoon, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and other cities across Canada to the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and other international destinations.

GAM Technical Services

GAM Tech aims to provide the most affordable and reliable IT support to help grow your business and achieve your goals. By forging solid partnerships with our customers, owners have peace of mind knowing we’ll always act in the best interests of their business by providing the correct solutions to meet their needs.

Exergy Solutions

Exergy was founded in 2015 with an ambition to bring balance to the energy industry; sustaining healthy businesses in a quickly changing future. With the willingness to enact change for better in any way needed, they knew they could help organizations who thrive on stability more from the outside than the inside. Balancing knowledge of the structured, calculated nature of these large companies with an adaptive approach to innovation created the opportunity to take the risks the companies couldn’t, but enable them to make the progress they needed.

Deepwater Farms

Deepwater Farms was founded in Calgary, Alberta in 2015. It started as a passion project to bring the farm closer to people and people closer to their food. We grow baby greens in an indoor, controlled environment, and sell our produce locally. Unlike field-grown greens, which are subject to harsh growing conditions and a long journey to your plate, our greens are grown for flavour and nutrition instead of durability.

BIS Safety Software

At BIS Safety Software we offer compliance and learning management software for the Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) professional. Our software (BIStrainer) is a cloud-based application which includes Training Record Management; Classroom Calendar Management; a Training Matrix for automation; Online Learning Management System; Digital Folders; plus Online Forms that are used for site inspections, hazard assessments, incident management, preventive maintenance, competency evaluations, and more. BIS Safety Software was established in 2006 and we now have over 1 million active users and over 1,000 company clients and partners who rely on BIStrainer for their health and safety programs.

Cohort 1

Our Official Cohort of Fall '22

Village Sports

Village Sports is built on a passion to develop, nurture, support and help raise youth-athletes to be the best they can be, both in and out of sport. They help families connect the dots and create a support plan that integrates sport, academics, life and wellness. They do this by creating a space that gives you everything you need for an athletes' sport journey. Education, Sport-Specific Programs, Training, Wellness and Advisory. They believe that whether you are an athlete, coach, parent, supporter or spectator, the role of youth-sport is to build great humans and leaders for life.

Technology Helps

Technology Helps is a social enterprise dedicated to providing affordable and accessible technology guidance, service, security, and support to non-profit and social good organizations. Driving meaningful change and empowering our clients through technological transformation, They've worked with over 200 organizations across Canada. Technology Helps has developed comprehensive cybersecurity and technical assistance platforms that allow non-profits to be truly secure and supported, ensuring long term success and sustainability.

Sturgess Architecture

Sturgess Architecture studio leads with creativity that’s expansively imaginative, yet meticulously thoughtful and collaboration that merges versatile talent with a shared vision. As a collective of architects, technologists and designers, our distinct backgrounds enable adaptability and empower possibility. They approach each client and project with a radically tailored lens and an invested, exploratory process leaving no stone unturned. This unfolds with a commitment to the context at every level, ensuring design that’s deeply enlightened by its surroundings.

Founded in 1998, Rigstar has been on an epic journey ever since. Our adventure began with the introduction of a wired Intercom system to the energy sector. With the success of the Intercom system our savvy owners recognized a need for cellular enhancement to remote locations. Their search took them to a Telecom show in Las Vegas where they encountered a carrier grade cellular enhancer. The reception was widely received once the boosters were introduced to the market. Since then our company has grown into a carrier that offers accelerated Internet connectivity, Fiber Optics, Tower Construction, Cellular Enhancement and Network Support.

Range Mobility

Range Mobility Inc. is an Alberta-incorporated, Canadian-owned and COR certified commercial and emergency fleet services upfitter. With Red Seal endorsed technicians, Range Mobility prides itself on providing the highest quality of vehicle upfitting in the industry. Range distributes products for a variety of manufacturers including Gamber Johnson and PMT, some of the largest suppliers of “in vehicle” mounting equipment in North America.  Range also represents related technology companies such as Whelen Engineering, Panasonic, Getac, Setina Manufacturing and WatchGuard, to customers across Canada.

Questor Technology

Questor are leaders in clean air technology. Motivated by improving the health of our environment, we have spent over 25 years developing cutting-edge solutions to reduce pollution emissions, maximize data and increase energy efficiency. Our Q – Series are carefully designed and manufactured to ensure over 30 years of operable life, with units placed all over the world.

OpenHouse.ai's platform understands how your home buyers engage with your brand online to provide real-time insights into your market. They allow you to use these insights to close more sales, ensure you’re building the right product, and to deliver a world-class customer experience.

Local Laundry

Local Laundry wanted to build a company that builds community, from the garments they sell to the charities they benefit. This isn’t about how their clothes look (but, yeah, they look good) it’s about how they make you  feel—comfortable and charitable.

Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.

Eighty-Eight Brewing Company opened in August 2018, and in the spirit of Calgary '88, they will continue to celebrate diversity and inclusivity while showcasing our great city. And drink great beer of course. Their brewery is home to their amazing team, their ever expanding production facility and their taproom.

Eight Ounce Coffee

Eight Ounce Coffee is the biggest specialty coffee equipment distributor in Canada, selling to almost four thousand cafes, roasters, hotels, kitchen and lifestyle stores across the country and in America. They also distribute to some of the biggest and best names in specialty coffee around the world. They operate out of a twenty thousand square foot warehouse in Calgary, with team members in Calgary, Montreal and Toronto.

Diesel Tech Industries

Diesel Tech Industries is a trusted and well established company with close to 20 years in the transport industry technology field. Their continuous innovation has made them an industry leader not only in Alberta but globally in building vehicle related electronic technology.  Products like vehicle network interfacing modules and critical engine shutdown systems are all designed, manufactured, and assembled under one roof in Alberta.

DataDrill Communications Inc. (DataDrill) has been providing custom secure IT and communication solutions since its creation in 1999. Their services provide quality of life to people in remote locations through excellent people and top-of-the-line equipment. They work closely with their clients to address any specific needs or wants and provide a customized solution to fit their requirements.

Clever Canines

Clever Canines enables Calgary dog owners to experience the freedom of the healthy, balanced relationship their dogs need to be safe in all situations, and respectful of people, other dogs, and the environment.

Aligned Outcomes

Aligned Outcomes gives executives the conviction to execute complex business transformation with confidence by using fast, highly efficient methodology that captures only essential operational information from those with domain knowledge and process ownership to build organizational capacity for ongoing continuous improvement.

Based in Canada with a primary office in Calgary, Alberta and secondary office in Edmonton — and boasting clients hailing from all over the world — ActiveDEMAND created their very own comprehensive tool built to eliminate the need for multiple, disparate platforms such as email marketing tools, social media management tools, call tracking software and landing page builders.

Cohort 2

Our Official Cohort of Winter '23

Edmonton-based vrCAVE revolutionizes VR with free-roam adventures worldwide. Since 2016, they've pushed boundaries, delivering trusted VR products, forming 150+ partnerships across 25 countries. Experience unlimited possibilities, comfort, and social engagement in their immersive VR experiences.

Token Naturals

Token Naturals, a Canadian cannabis company based in Edmonton, offers high-quality extracted products beyond traditional flower offerings. With a diverse leadership team, they prioritize inclusivity and operate from a centrally-located cannabis facility, catering to consumer and business needs.

Sunnybrook Welding

Sunnybrook Welding excels in manufacturing high-quality combine parts, serving the agricultural and manufacturing industries since 1979. With expertise in fabrication and a skilled team of millwrights and welders, they deliver customized components to address unique challenges efficiently and competitively.

Hamdon Energy Solutions

With 25+ years of experience, Hamdon Energy Solutions delivers cutting-edge products and services to the oil and gas industry worldwide. Their dedicated team of engineers provides innovative and cost-effective solutions for drilling completion, production optimization, and regulatory compliance.

Since 1991, EWI Works has been a leading Canadian occupational ergonomics company. Their expert team of certified professionals provides innovative ergonomic services and customized solutions worldwide, optimizing workplace well-being and productivity through tailored injury prevention programs, training, assessments, and design modifications.

Advantage Refrigeration

Advantage Refrigeration offers premier HVAC and refrigeration maintenance services for commercial buildings in Edmonton. With certified technicians, they provide friendly, professional, and high-quality service, including 24/7 emergency support. Their proactive preventative maintenance ensures optimal equipment performance and cost-effective operations.

Cohort 3

Our Official Cohort of Spring '23

Nexix Inc., headquartered in Calgary, is a globally recognized software development and managed IT services provider established in 2007. Specializing in enhancing productivity and workflow management, Nexix empowers entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide with expert IT and software development solutions, consistently delivering top-tier value to their clients.

Mass Logistik Inc.

Launched in 2016, Mass Logistik Inc. is a dedicated logistics company, with a singular focus on facilitating the secure and swift transportation of liquor from Europe to Western Canada. With headquarters in Calgary and an office in Langensendelbach, Germany, Mass Logistik Inc. was founded out of a passion for exceptional wine, beer, and spirits, they strive to support local businesses through top-tier logistical services and product imports.

JSK Consulting Ltd.

JSK Consulting Ltd., headquartered in Red Deer and founded in 1995, boasts over 28 years of experience executing decommissioning projects across diverse Western Canadian environments. From remote sites to bustling urban areas, JSK excels in streamlining abandonment, decommissioning, and pipeline integrity management processes, consistently delivering cost-effective solutions.

Friday Sock Co.

Founded in 2015 in Calgary, Alberta, Friday Sock Co. is dedicated to crafting distinctive and innovative sock designs. Their deliberately mismatched pairs of socks are meticulously designed in Canada and produced ethically in Italy. Friday Sock Co. is part of the broader Very Serious Co. brand, owned and operated by the same founder, further exemplifying their commitment to improving the wholesale experience.

Clean Club Calgary

Clean Club Calgary, a premier home & office cleaning service in Calgary and surrounding areas, challenges conventional cleaning norms and enhances the quality of life for homeowners, businesses, and employees alike. Established in 2019 as a women-owned and operated enterprise with a mission to transform the Calgary cleaning landscape, Clean Club Calgary has evolved into a thriving residential and commercial cleaning business, driven by a commitment to superior service and innovation.

Brunel Commercial Interiors

Since its inception in 1964 as a family-run enterprise, Brunel has evolved into a prominent industry leader specializing in architectural millwork, custom metal, solid surfaces, and retail fixture manufacturing throughout Western Canada. With headquarters in Calgary, Brunel is recognized for their unwavering commitment to exceptional business ethics and meticulous project execution.

Boreal Laser Inc.

Boreal Laser, headquartered in Edmonton since 1990, is a renowned developer of precision gas sensing technology. Their GasFinder Instruments, based on Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS), are trusted globally for their quantitative accuracy, reliability, and user-friendly design in monitoring various gases across hazardous industrial applications.

BLU'S is an Alberta-based designer fashion boutique established in the late 1970s in downtown Edmonton. Women-owned and operated, Blu’s is the premier independent retailer for aspirational clothing in western Canada. With four thriving locations in Edmonton and Calgary, BLU'S has been a dedicated stylist for women throughout Western Canada for four decades, consistently delivering exquisite designer fashion choices.

Amborella Floral

Based in Calgary, Amborella Floral is a women-owned and operated business trusted in the floral industry since its 2012 founding. They provide daily flower delivery services in Calgary and beyond, even extending their reach to Red Deer and Edmonton. Amborella Floral also offers engaging floral workshops, nurturing creativity and a deeper appreciation for the art of flowers.

Cohort 4

Our Official Cohort of Fall '23

Yama, founded in 2018, crafts premium Sprinter van upfits for off-grid living, prioritizing thoughtful design and sustainability. Collaborating with clients, Yama Vans delivers world-class vehicles, allowing individuals to spend more time living their journey.

Timber Ridge Firewood

Timber Ridge Firewood is a family-owned business founded in 2016 providing diverse, high-quality firewood to Calgary and surrounding areas. Committed to customer satisfaction, they offer competitive pricing and firewood sourced from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia, striving to offer the best firewood experience.

Third Rock Geomatics

Third Rock Geomatics excels as a dynamic team of land surveyors and geomatics professionals founded in 2016, delivering top-notch customer experiences through innovative technology, merging decades of experience with cutting-edge technology in the field of geomatics.

The Bro'kin Yolk

The Bro'Kin Yolk, founded in 2015, has become a beloved family meal destination in Calgary and Edmonton. Emphasizing a welcoming atmosphere, they prioritize farm-to-table practices, using locally sourced ingredients, and serving high-quality organic, Omega 3, and free-range eggs from Countryside Farms.

SPS West stands out as more than a traditional supplier, offering comprehensive business consulting and supplying specialty engineered solutions with a focus on lined steel pipe, fittings, valves, safety showers, instrumentation, and environmental containment. Established in 1996, they lead in customized product solutions, excelling in quick turnaround and assembly systems within their industry.

Ripple Property Management

Ripple is transforming property management with its boutique approach, fostering trusted relationships between owners, tenants, and property managers. Going beyond conventional services, Ripple offers lifestyle solutions and transparent relationships for clients seeking a refreshing and elevated property management experience.

OGL Engineering

Established in 1980, OGL Engineering specializes in tailored GIS solutions with high-quality remotely-sensed data. With full control over the project cycle, OGL collaborates closely with clients to deliver comprehensive geospatial intelligence, providing innovative solutions for informed business decisions based on trustworthy information.

Monogram Coffee

Monogram Coffee, founded in 2014, operates in the specialty coffee sector, and aims to positively impact lives with their four flagship cafes, a progressive roasting facility, and diverse team. Monogram inspires wonder and warmth, viewing coffee as an opportunity for meaningful connections, generous service, and positive impact on people and the environment.

MODERNSPEAK is a digital PR agency founded in 2018, specializing in influencer management, social media marketing, content creation, and public relations. Driven by a team of passionate female storytellers, the agency sets a new standard for integrity and excellence in influencer and digital marketing, prioritizing transparency, tenacity, and bold innovation.

Medlior Health Outcomes Research

Medlior, a Canadian research organization founded in 2008, stands out with its substantial experience, offering robust and customized research solutions. Specializing in real world evidence, Medlior's expert team addresses diverse research questions, excelling in health technology assessments for clients in Canada and the UK.

With over 21 years of global experience, Matrix HR is a trusted staffing services provider, offering recruitment, payroll administration, and back-office facilitation across diverse industries. The company's commitment to consistent performance and positive outcomes has solidified its reputation as a comprehensive and reliable player in the HR industry.

Heart Fit Clinic

Heart Fit Clinic is Canada's leading cardiac rehabilitation and prevention center, specializing in evidence-based heart disease treatment plans and non-invasive cardiovascular assessments. With a dedicated focus on personalized care and global expertise, the clinic is committed to preventing and reversing heart disease for individuals through innovative and proven treatment options.

GCL Environmental Ltd.

Founded in 2008, GCL Environmental is a leading environmental consulting firm, specializing in resolving complex challenges through its core values. With over 3,000 successful projects, GCL supports clients in understanding, managing, and addressing environmental liabilities.

Energy Equine Veterinary Services

Established in 2006, Energy Equine is a leading veterinary practice specializing in sports medicine for equine athletes, employing a collaborative team approach across locations in Airdrie and Dewinton, Alberta. From its origins as a one-veterinarian, one-truck operation, Energy Equine has evolved into a premier facility committed to holistic care and innovation in veterinary medicine.

EasyRedir, established in 2014, is the leading URL redirect manager, trusted by major brands to handle over 18 billion secure redirects annually. Offering an enterprise-ready redirection engine, a comprehensive feature set, and exceptional customer support, EasyRedir has become the industry's leading URL redirection service, delivering reliable solutions for clients worldwide.

CSS Office Solutions

For over 35 years, CSS Office Solutions has been a global leader in office furniture and fixtures manufacturing, known for maintaining high-quality service since 1984. Operating as a versatile 'one-stop-shop,' CSS provides comprehensive office services, emphasizing personalized solutions and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

Champion's Creed

Founded in 2009, Champion's Creed is a premier martial arts hub specializing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai/kickboxing, and wrestling. Their two locations, coached by former Olympians and world champions, offer a unique membership with unlimited access to various training styles in a welcoming, family-like atmosphere.

ATI Canada, founded in 2011, is a leader in providing top-quality heavy-duty mechanic services with a commitment to customer sustainability and profitability. With a team dedicated to cost-effective reliability-centered maintenance solutions, ATI delivers industry-leading service across Canada, coast to coast. The mission is to solve problems, value people, focus on safe delivery, and maintain a proven track record.

Assured Psychology

Assured Psychology, established in 2016, is a leading mental health care provider specializing in counseling and assessment services for individuals, couples, and families. With a compassionate approach and a focus on healing, the company is recognized for its warm and knowledgeable team, dedicated to fostering well-being and prosperity in clients' lives.

Cohort 5

Our Official Cohort of Winter '24

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Celebrating the OG members of our Pilot Program (2020)

Creating design systems within small teams
Daisy Campbell

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Learn what makes a design sprint successful
Sarah Pratt

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Mastering figma for website prototyping
Mitchel Patel

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Discover what makes you a unique designer
Cam Gerady

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Established in 1924, Standens is a Canadian manufacturing company making alloy steel products that are formed, forged, upset, threaded or heat-treated for a variety of markets. As one of North America’s largest full-line leaf spring, suspension component and agricultural tillage tool manufacturers, Standens prides itself on quality products and services. Their manufacturing processes and practices have a small environmental footprint and they utilize a significant proportion of recycled materials in their operations.

Righteous Gelato

Righteous Gelato has something for everyone and it’s all delicious. Their products, including small batch gelato, plant-based gelato and dairy-free sorbetto can be found at over 2,500 stores across Canada and the USA. They're proud to be a Certified B Corporation, certified to for-profit companies who meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency in the world.

onetwosix Design

onetwosix Design is an Edmonton based creative studio that creates simple and considered design to help improve people's everyday lives. They use product development and rapid prototyping techniques to take a concept from a napkin sketch to a final design ready for manufacture. onetwosix won the Western Living Magazine’s Industrial Designers of the Year 2020. Their designs range from an innovative office module for privacy and a tricked-out Mercedes camper van to a housing for an MRI machine and a curling broom.

Global Analyzer Systems Ltd.

Global Analyzer Systems Ltd. is the complete package CEMS provider, offering state of the art multi-component Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS), Data Acquisition and Control Systems (DAS) and CEMS Online Reporting. They excel in building innovative monitoring solutions, in addition to providing a wide range of compliance support and documentation. With an extensive history as experts in the air emissions monitoring industry, they ensure customer’s air monitoring and reporting is compliant.

4Seasons Transportation

4Seasons Transportation carries students with special needs to school in a caring and compassionate way. For nearly two decades, they have provided barrier-free transportation in Calgary and area for children with a broad spectrum of physical or cognitive challenges, children who are sick or injured, and the wheelchair community.  It's their mission to continually improve the quality of transportation services for all Canadians with special needs through enhanced standards of safety, training, professionalism and individualized service.

4iiii Innovations Inc.

4iiii Innovations develop technologies that improve sports performance and make the athlete’s world safer. They are the official supplier of power measurement to UCI World Tour teams. Their products increase awareness and provide an uninterrupted and real-time flow of data needed to set a personal best or achieve a podium position. Through innovative technologies, including powermeters, heart-rate monitors and smart trainers, they offer simple and immediate displays of what athletes need to know to raise their game.

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