Growth Navigator Network

The Growth Navigator Network is a collective of experienced advisors and business leaders dedicated to supporting established businesses in the Growth Catalyst program. Our network provides invaluable insights, strategic guidance, and hands-on support, helping companies navigate the complexities of scaling up and achieving sustainable growth.

Insights & Expertise from Industry Leaders

Strategic Guidance for Sustainable Growth
Gain expert advice to overcome the challenges of balancing daily operations with strategic planning. Our advisors help you create a cohesive vision and develop strategies to ensure sustainable growth, allowing you to focus on high-impact areas without feeling overwhelmed.
Hands-On Support for Business Development
Our network offers practical support to tackle issues like low team accountability and ineffective delegation. By providing actionable insights and real-world solutions, we help you streamline operations and enhance team performance, ensuring your business runs smoothly and efficiently.
Customized Solutions for Revenue Growth
Benefit from tailored strategies designed to address your unique business needs and opportunities. Our advisors work with you to identify and implement revenue growth initiatives, helping you navigate market complexities and achieve your financial goals, even in a demanding and fast-paced work environment.

Meet Our Advisors

Our advisors, chosen for their expertise, real-world scaling experience, and coaching orientation, bring invaluable insights to guide your business to new heights.

Mike Riou

Technology Development Advisor | Alberta Innovates
Mike Riou provides strategic advice for technology commercialization, business growth, and M&A.

Deanna Douglas

Director | Campus Innovation Consulting Group
Deanna Douglas helps small businesses grow by bridging the gap between innovation systems and business operations.

Doug Junor

Director | Global Software Solutions Corp.
Doug Junor is an innovation and transformation leader with over 35 years of experience in business disruption and strategic leadership across North America.

Khalid Abdul Razak

Senior Director |
Khalid Abdul Razak is an innovative strategist and intrapreneur with over 15 years of experience in management consulting, entrepreneurship, and digital transformation.

Sean Ballard

Owner | School of Rock
Sean Ballard is a seasoned transformation leader with over 20 years of experience in building new ideas, products, and teams.

Heather Herring

CEO | Make It So Inc.
Heather Herring is a professional engineer and a proud alumna of the Haskayne School of Business.

Tina Mathas

CTO | General Bank of Canada
Tina Mathas is a seasoned leader with 29 years of experience in technology, innovation, and business strategy.

Karla Blonsky

Startup Advisor | Biobasix Solutions
Karla Blonsky is the CEO of Biobasix Inc., a management consulting firm specializing in guiding startups and scale-ups from ideation through rapid growth to IPO or acquisition.

Become an Advisor

Join our growing network of experienced professionals and play a vital role in guiding ambitious businesses to success. Contribute your expertise to shape the future of Growth Catalyst companies and enhance our program’s impact.

Help Shape the Success of Ambitious Businesses

Are you an experienced professional with a passion for fostering business growth? Join the Growth Navigator Network and seize the opportunity to work directly with clients even after program completion. As an advisor, you’ll play a pivotal role in guiding Strategic Growth Teams (SGTs) towards realizing their ambitious growth goals, contributing to the success of businesses on their path to sustained growth.
Forge Meaningful Connections
Cultivate relationships with businesses seeking support, positioning yourself as a vital asset in their growth journey. Leverage our Experts on Demand program for ongoing contractual relationships, benefitting from the inherent trust and credibility tied to the Growth Catalyst program affiliation.
Strategic Network Expansion
Join our growing community, gaining exclusive access to over 65 established companies, 250+ past and current participants, faculty, and fellow advisors. This dynamic network offers the opportunity for continuous professional enrichment, community building, and giving back to the business community.
Engage Actively, Earn Compensation
Contribute actively to discussions, share insights, and receive compensation for your involvement. Your expertise deserves recognition, and you have the option to donate earnings to a charitable cause, further enhancing the impact of your contributions.


Find answers to common questions about the Growth Navigator Network and how it operates within the Growth Catalyst program.
I’m interested in becoming an advisor, how do I join?

To join the Growth Navigator Network, please fill out the advisor application. Our team will carefully review your application. If you’re a good fit, we will reach out and welcome you to the network.

What is the criteria to become an advisor?

Throughout the Growth Catalyst program, we recognize the importance of having diverse types of advisors to support companies as they go through their growth journey. Advisors are selected based on their expertise, real-world scaling experience, and a coaching orientation. Here are the main types of advisors we look for:

  • Ignite! Advisors: Extensive business acumen and long-term strategic perspective, with experience in multiple business activities and fiscal responsibility.
  • Lab Advisors: Subject matter experts specializing in one of the 7 Scaling Strategies™. They are experienced in the tools, concepts, and frameworks used in the program.
  • Launch! Advisors (Experts on Demand): Keen to support companies in the execution of their Growth Strategy, with a focus on implementing and executing specific projects and initiatives post-program.

We select advisors based on the following criteria:

  • Subject Matter Expertise: Proficiency in one or more business functions.
  • Scaling Experience: Hands-on involvement in scaling companies and contributing insights from similar growth journeys.
  • Advisory and Coaching Skills: Experience in advisory roles, active listening, and a questioning approach to support.
  • Networking: Willingness to connect Growth Catalyst companies with new opportunities and individuals.
  • Fit for Growth Catalyst Companies: Ensuring alignment with the program’s values and goals.
What is the role advisors play in the program?

Advisors in the Growth Navigator Network guide companies through their strategic growth journey. They provide mentorship, share insights, and offer hands-on support in areas such as leadership development, market strategies, and business operations. Advisors participate in workshops, peer-to-peer exchanges, and executive coaching sessions.

What kind of commitment is becoming an advisor?

Becoming an advisor involves flexible commitments that align with your professional schedule. Invitations to participate are extended on a case-by-case basis, allowing you to choose engagements that fit your availability and expertise.

What is the cost to work with advisors?

There is no direct cost to work with advisors as part of the Growth Catalyst program. Advisors are compensated for their contributions, and there are opportunities for ongoing contractual relationships through our Experts on Demand program.

What areas of support are needed?

We are always looking for advisors who provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Team dynamics
  • Branding & positioning
  • Innovation and ideation
  • Business development
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Business operations
  • Finances

Other specific areas of expertise that we look for include:

  • Geographical expansion into international markets
  • Implementing OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)
  • Narrowing down ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)
  • Executing growth campaigns
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